Current Mood : July


This week mood sponsored by this vintage beauty, Lana Del Rey.

So, all this time people hyping over Lana Del Rey, yet i was here since a week ago, just realized how AMAZING Lana Del Rey's songs are. I love her hits songs before, like National Anthem, Born to Die, Young and Beautiful. But week ago, out of blue i decided to download her albums and i am amazed that i am actually enjoyed listening to her mystical voice.

Her voice is so unique that some people think its weird and scary. But i found it addictive. Listening to her songs makes me wander to beautiful chapel, labyrinth forest, old Victorian castle and abandoned ruins. I started to think she is a nymph.

Or actually she is a real witch. Am bewitched.
Anyway, that is a playlist of some of her songs that i like. Try to listen the first track, Maleficent soundtrack Once Upon a Dream. It is the perfect song to wander through these photos.

I wish i can actually drop by to these beautiful places!
Ps. All these photos are courtesy of & I only organized it a little bit and did some edit.