Kabinet Coffee & Co.: Just Chillin'

Happy Sunday!
I spent last Saturday night with fellas at Kabinet Coffee & Co. I've heard loves and hates about their foods, so we decided to give it a try.

They sell coffees, soap and this glass coffee cup.
 The atmosphere was comfy. Clean and well-designed. But the smoking area was not impermeable, and that's make the whole room felt like smoking area.

Red Velvet Frappe
Grape Milk Tea
I like my Red Velvet came with popcorn. It tasted yummy too. I like their Grape Milk Tea too. No coffee consume at night!

Burger 'Bang John'
 Bf's food. It's okay but less juicy, unfortunately.

Telur Meleleh (i think it means egg benedict with ham, mushroom and bread)
 Mine food andd... i don't really like it. I don't ship that yellow sauce (or maybe it always taste like that? i don't know, just don't like it) because it tasted weird. I would enjoy it more if it wasn't coming with the yellow sauce, lol.

Spaghetti Ahoy
 Friend's food.
Cinnamon Roll
This one was actually good. It came with bacon surround the bread, and it match the sweet taste.

The price was actually pricey for me, since the foods were so-so. Burger, Egg Benedict and Spaghetti are around 53.000 - 56.000 IDR. My red velvet is 37.000 IDR and grape milk tea is around 20.000 IDR. Their cinnamon roll is 27.500 IDR. Their infamous menu is actually their beef ribs, but it's 165.000 IDR. I know ribs are pricey, and i didn't order it.

Will i come back? if it's for chillin', i might order their drinks and cakes, because i still like their beverages. But for dinner or starve satisfaction, maybe not.
------------------------------------- C O N C L U S I O N -------------------------------------
Pro :
✔ Yummy drinks
✔ Friendly staffs
✔ Comfortable & bright
Cons :
✘ Non-impermeable smoking area
✘ Pricey since the foods are so-so
Kabinet Coffee & Co.
Jl. Bukit Darmo Bvu No.40
+62 31 99000379

Welcome back, millul