Personal Thought So Far

A lot of new cafes lately, they keep growing! But so little time (and budget) to visit them one by one. So here's some report of cafe-visit weeks ago.

We visited The Localist.
It placed above my ophthalmologist! It was also a cafe before but the place was so ordinary and barely hear about it. It was just a place to wait your name to be called by the nurse downstairs.
But now it was renovated and the place was pretty cozy.

Wall of glasses would be really pretty to be captured on noon, but can you imagine how hot it is? Damn tropical climate. I would imagine it as a big oven.

Avocado Coffee Excelso style! Cheaper but not as good as Excelso.

Tuna and Aglio Olio pasta.
Overall, the foods are so-so. Price is not too expensive, but unfortunately i wasn't full enough only by eating one portion, lol. Is it only me or..?
Will i come back? Uhm, maybe not, until they have new menu or people start to recommend it! I understand because it is newly open, maybe they even haven't did grand opening yet, so it's cleary understandable. Hope will liven up soon!

Here's the map to The Localist.

and also, trying this not-so-new cafe.

Supresso Coffee Bar

Bahn Mi Sandwich
Okay, but not very delicious. The bread gets too hard to eat.

Breakfast set menu

If you are an coffee expert, then you may like their coffee.
I'm not really sure, tho, since i love to drink coffee but i can't differentiate each coffee, but their coffee are recommended by my friend. If it's true then let me know!

Conclusion, foods are okay, services are okay, place is very good, but the price is quite pricey for me, to have sandwich. Bahn Mi sandwich costs 69.000 IDR. The breakfast set costs around 80.000 IDR but it already comes with coffee.

It located in Lenmarc mall, so here's the map.

Me with the food. Typical photo.
Excuse my no-eye-tapes-eyes and glasses.


So, anyway.
I know it seems a little bit rude but consider this as honest thought.
Yes, there are a lot of new cafes coming up but sometimes i feel a little bit hesitate to try each one of it. I feel like i'm not really as passionate as before to visit every new cafes one by one and be the first one to tell my friends. Maybe it's about age problem, but also that i didn't found cafes that really caught my appetite. Okay that's rude, but it's just my opinion, tho. I've tried a cafe in Bandung called Two Hand Full. So far, i always compare foods here with theirs, since it seems breakfast-set-menu is in trend now. It doesn't matter with the price. If you really serve a very delicious food, it doesn't matter if i have to pay 100.000 IDR for it. Instead i have to pay 60.000 - 80.000 IDR to taste something that actually ordinary. If out of the blue my father provides an asset to me for culinary business, i think i will choose to open penyetan instead, lol. Too many cafes, too many competitors, but same menu, and same taste. If you ask me which one is the best right now, i actually can't give you answer because i can't choose. I might tell you to go to Peneleh instead, lol. Beside that, the positive side is, these cafes have a really good interior and places. It understandable since instagram is a big deal right now. People challenge theirselves to upload the best photo from extraordinary angle. So that's a positive thought.

However it's just my opinion. One person opinion. And one of some reasons why my i can't keep up my blog with culinary updates. No offense, i don't mean any harm. Here's some cute cafes overseas to wish you all Good luck!

*Un-watermark pics above are not mine. I have it from and*