Quickie: Thirty Three Brew

Thirty Three Brew located on Jl. Jawa, beside Matchbox Too. Or should i say inside?
The place is so small inside. But they have big outdoor.

Let's talk about their foods and drinks.

Nasi Goreng Ayam (Chicken Fried Rice)
Pizza with beef sausage and tomato (not actual name)
This place is actually a hype. But i don't have the same hype, tho. If i'm not mistaken, their foods are the same from Matchbox. Their fried rice was so-so, and the pizza was taking too much time that we were actually very hungry, like about 45 minutes. It's unfortunate because their pizza tasted good.

Taro and Cookies n Cream
The drinks. I am not really an expert coffee drinker that could difference which coffee is good, i don't even drink black coffee. So i decided to order something sweet like green tea and red velvet. It tasted okay, but! Look at their Latte art, lol. My friend even asked me if she should took a photo of it or not because it had been looked like that since the waitress put it on our table.

Green Tea and Red Velvet
The prices are not too pricey, tho. Will i come back? Maybe if some of my friends want to try it. But by my own-will, maybe not, until they develop something new.


Can't find Thirty Three Brew on Google maps, but it's the same with Matchbox Too.