Quickie: Warung Jajan

Trying out this place, called WaJan (Warung Jajan).

Ice Tea Tarik
Garang Asem (sour meat soup with chilli)
Gado-Gado (indonesian salad)
Nasi Kuning (Yellow Rice with chicken, tempe and potato)
The price is rather cheap for cafe. Foods are around 20.000 IDR, and drinks are around 10.000 IDR.
I know this place had opened for a long time but i've just visited here for weeks ago. The first weeks of the opening, the place seems full of people and i saw a lot of updates on instagram. The foods, drinks and desserts were indeed tempting. I had asked bf and some friends to visit this place later but somehow it never be done.

At that time i visited here, the place was so quite, me and my friends were the only customers. The place was rather.... hot? Maybe because there were no one inside before we came so they turned off the air conditioner. Turned out the place was actually cozy and homey. There was only few foods on their menu. To be honest, their foods were not bad! Even we doubtfully went in, the foods were delicious enough. The size was not big, but by the price i think it's fair. Ice teh tarik tasted so-so.

I don't know why this eating spot is dull, the foods were good! Maybe they have less promotion, or maybe they have to develop their menu. It's very pitiful because the foods turn out taste not that bad. I hopes it will gain crowd again!

Here's the map of their place!