Carpentier Kitchen : Say 'Cheese!!' No More

 Ore's Carpentier Kitchen is one of my favorite cafe in Surabaya.
I love their vintage and urban vibes. Maybe because Ore itself sells vintage, urban, and local products. Carpentier Kitchen's prices are not too pricey also! And the foods are not bad.

Daniel Wellington's. So vintage looking.

Well these are just some photos i took before my friends came. I planned to took more after eat and done talking. But! While my friend took photos with his camera, the waitress came and told us it is not allowed to take picture with digital camera in here. My friend took ourselves photos, tho. They didn't warn me when i took pics above, maybe they was busy in that time or my camera is not include in high-resolution-camera-that-categorized-in-digital-camera, lol. My friend's camera is Fuji, tho.

Actually it was a pity because this place is just so cool. I mean, 80% nowadays people take photos for social media needs, which means free ads since social media is the most effective way for promotion right now. I don't know actual reason why we can't take photos here. Maybe they afraid of plagiarism? But their goods are mostly sold online, people still can grab any pics easily there. Because camera flash can damage their goods? But phone camera also has flash, tho. And it was so rare to find people who hanging out and taking pics with flash even at night, since camera flash made you look ugly, or maybe just for important occasion. So, what's the reason actually??

Anyway, my plan to blog this place was ruined, lol. So here's a few more.

Their hot dog for 44.000 IDR. Yum.

Iced Mocha Nescafe Dolce Gusto for 19.000 IDR, which was actually good if it has not too much water in it.

a lot of blog posts lately, eh? I'm not sure why, just feeling the mood to blog right now.
See you in next post!


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