Sunday Market : The Big Kampong

by - August 21, 2015

I should recap my trip to Bali early this month but i'm still working on other things. In fact i still get high by the beach and absentmindedly smelling the beach on noon! I guess we really had a blast trip this time, it makes us hard to move on to our working life. So for intermezo, here's some photos i captured on Sunday Market last week.

Fried Mozzarella. Zzzzzzzzzzzzuper yum but will be yummier if they add smoked beef, or bacon or ham i think.

The Fries Company. I like their concept of this simple food but turned out it didn't taste that good.

Made By Chocolette's drink. It's chocolate and rum served cold. Delicious.

Zopf is a Swiss pastry and they sold this mini bottle of alcohol, which is very cute. But i don't drink

Nasi Ayam Gila from Hong's Kitchen. As a spicy lover, this one is greaaat.

See you on another post!

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