First Day in Bali : Pork-Pizza-Pork

Monday, August 3rd, 2015
Here it comes, i'm gonna brag about my Bali trip last month.
#edisibalirileks #edisigagalmoveon

I went there with my three friends, and met another two friends there for few days. And here's our selfie before took off.

Super common photos for people who travels. Up in the plane photos! But that day the clouds were a little bit clear so we could see mountains we can't name.
Except for this one. This mount is called Raung, placed near Banyuwangi, East Java. It's one of active volcano among some mounts in Indonesia. Few weeks before our flight, Mt. Raung petrified ashes and flames, signed to erupt soon, and the smoke blocked a lot of flight paths from Surabaya. Most of flights on that week were cancelled or delayed badly. We were lucky we could still go by plane on that day.

Pillow of cottons.
We arrived in Bali on noon, about 10 a.m. Directly heading for lunch because we were hungry!

I've heard about this place on instagram from few friends. Eatwell is a humble restaurant in Seminyak and familiar for their pork knuckle. But unfortunately when we got there, their pork knuckles had not ready yet :( So we ordered something else.

Pork Belly
Pork and Cheese Burger
Grilled Chicken
Ordered Pork Belly instead.
I like their sauces. Their pork belly was too crispy, honestly. It almost hard to eat. But still taste good. Their pork burger also yummy. Look at those cheese!

Not really sure the fries was good because we were hungry or because it was fried with lard.

Good thing when you go to Bali not on holiday is.. most of tourists you see is foreign tourist, lol. And places are not too crowded.

Heading to Beachwalk afterwards!

Still as beautiful as the last time i got here. Mall and beach are a perfect idea.

After a quick stroll around the mall and few photos, we went to Kuta Traditional Market near there by foot. It was freaking hot at that time because it was noon but i honestly expect that way. If my trip to Bali hampered by rain, then it must be a pity :( Summer-tropical-beach holiday means sun-kissed, right? I don't mind to get some sun burnt.

Bali is the most enjoyable place in Indonesia to be strolled by foot.

Was looking for Bali typical shorts for his girlfriend
 Quick shopping for family's souvenirs. I found a cute jumpsuit perfectly for summer holiday but decided to doubtfully not buy it because that is one of some clothes i won't wear in my hometown ._.

Some cute shop we passed through while stopped by traffic.
Now we are moving on to Coffee Time!

Having afternoon coffee time in this infamous cafe
 We went to Livingstone for some coffee and food. This place is really near from our hotel. We stayed in Fave Hotel Umalas, Petitenget.

 Love love love the ambience. Super cozy, homey yet relaxing. It was on golden hour and the glass reflect the light perfectly. And it was not hot at all.

Watermelon bread. Isn't it cute?? Tempted to buy but i don't think i can finish it all..
That egg dessert! It's actually lemon mango jelly. Super tempted!
Cute pug cake.
I was so tempted to try it all, but we still had dinner plan so we decided to not get too full. I will come back next time!

One of my friend ordered cake because there was an afternoon promo that go along with a cup of hot coffee.

Love the pizza! Cheesy and crunchy. Their price are not that expensive too. Just like normal cafes in average.

*resting bitch face*
After finished our food and drinks, we went upstairs because it is second infamous place in Bali, Būro.

Golden hour
Būro is a concept store with handcrafted local products plus coffee bar.

Super clean and attractive, aight?

Holidays fellas
Super bright photos above was taken with friend's fujifilm camera. Why it looks so freakin' good compare to mine?!! *crying*

Went to the hotel and checked in, dropped all luggage and hit the road again for dinner. Oh, super exciting dinner because it's Hogwild time!! (ex Naughty Nuri's)

Dinner tonight livened by this lovelies <3

Three times i went here and three times i still drooled by this fancy pork. Unfortunately i decided to save some money and spared one for two with my friend, and it was hard for my creed to not order one more............

Been Naughty, Now Wild
This infamous pork ribs Naughty Nuri's changed its name became Hogwild. Same place, same menu, same decorations and same deliciousness! And is it just me who think they have the best tagline? Am still craving for more right now.

(to be continued in next post...)