Second Day in Bali: Beach Day Out!

Tuesday, August 4th, 2015

In my last two visit to Bali on 2012 and 2014 i didn't get a chance to fully play at the beach or swimming pool, though for me Bali means sun kissed, sandy feet and salty water. That's why this time i was super happy to spend a whole day playing in the beach, even swimming and parasailing. This second day was dedicated for beaches!

After grab some quick breakfast at Circle K, we left the hotel for our first stop today, Tanjong Benoa!♡ My friends agreed to go there even half of us didn't want to do some water sport. Well actually all of us didn't plan to do water sport, but parasailing!

My guy friends decided to not join us while us girls were so excited and decided to do twice straight! I fall in love with this game since the first time i tried in 2010, i guess. It makes you flutter to see how people fly but when you finally up, the feeling is irreplaceable. Too bad it's only for 5 minutes each, for only one turn. I want to be up there longer, lol.

Me want more :(
We paid for about 150k per round.

me lookin' like sht since i decided to day is beach day and ain't nobody get time for pretty
Next beach, please!

This infamous beach, Pandawa! It was my first time to go in here even it had been famous like a year ago. And my first impression was....

This beach is freaking gorgeous omg. Look at that clear blue water! I wished i could go swimming at that time but our swimming destination was next, so we didn't plan to get really wet in here :(

The amazing fact about beach is, even it's hot as hell because the sun shine above your head, the water is cold. Like, it is freaking cold, like it's actually made a perfect combination for summer. God does a really amazing job.

Sorry for my 'freaking' vocabulary.
My friend found a seaweed and accidentally collected them all
Sacred Tree
I was so hungry that i bought roasted corn. I don't know it was because i was hungry or the corn was actually good, but i wished i brought more money because i want more.

Having lunch break at Nasi Babi Guling Pak Dobiel at Nusa Dua. My friends didn't llike it much because the soup was super spicy. Uhm, it was so-so for me since i love Nasi Babi Guling Peneleh in Surabaya much more than any Nasi Babi Guling in Bali.

Time for swimming!♥
Our next destination was Finn's Beach Club, Located far-far away, beside Karma Kandara. It was actually a resort with private beach. The entry to go in the private beach is around 250k which is super worth it because it's include 150k food & beverage coupon and their foods are good, and also you can do a lot of things there like snorkeling, kayaking and stand up paddle boarding (subject to availability). I didn't get a chance for kayaking and stand up paddle boarding because the equipment were not available but still worth it. Snorkeling in Tanjong Benoa could waste 250k itself. Beach in here is way more gorgeous.

The view from upstairs
So the point is, if you like chillin' by the beach, swimming or doing light water sport, you fit in Finn's Beach Club. The beach is downstairs from the resort. We took cable car half way and continued by foot. It was quite high stairs, we wondered how we could go back then lol.

Here's the beach! I think we should go here more early, like 2 or 3 p.m. We arrived here at 4 p.m. and it's not really sunny.

Someone was getting married here! Taking some wedding shoots and all of them were gorgeous.

These guys decided to stay dry by the sea while the rest of us did snorkeling (since other water sports were not available).

Under the sunset
It was my first time to do snorkeling. At first i had no idea how to use the mask and the snorkel, lol.

how to use dis so confuse
a friend of mine got go-pro fortunately.
But none of the photos were properly taken......
LOL so ugly. The mask pressed my face and made my lips looked like that all the time.

But anyway the scenery and everything were so worth it. Confession, i never touched a live fish and i am afraid to. Never been to fishing, and i only touch the dead one for cooking. So i was kinda freak out inside to see all these mini fishes flying beside me. Well, most of them scared tho, so they just ran away like that. I was afraid i kicked or smacked them, even i knooooow it's impossible.
One more thing, i didn't imagine that the corals would hurt our feet so much. Just at the moment we dip our feet in the water, there were corals everywhere. They were beautiful but when we tried to walk, it was challenging. I didn't know if we did this wrong, but we need to walk to get the deep part of the beach, right? Since we couldn't directly swim at the shore. And somehow we need to stop from swimming so we need to find a right foothold for stepped on. My friend scratched his foot really bad and it was bleeding. Some tourist accidentally stepped on a sea urchins, which should be poisonous. Well, they have their medical equipment, tho. 
And i will not forget that moment when we were about to go back to the shore because all of us were freezing (yes the water was cold!), i was carefully stepping to safe path while looked down in the water and i saw a yellow and white sea snake creeping between the corals, it freaks me out and my foot got cramps. So i stayed in there for a moment and afraid to move while massaging my foot, and my friend help me to get out from the water. Wtf, it was quite a moment. I might just surprised since the snake wasn't big, lol.

But it was a fun experience and beautiful view. I don't know what kind of collaboration between dangerousness and exhilarate is, but this might be the one.

Selfie out of the water. Now let us fix our legs and feet.

Left my camera with these and found some photos...

If i have to say a cons of this place is... their bathroom slash toilet slash changing room. First, it was smelly. Like feces smell, i don't from where, a cow? Did they raise a cow or horse here? Not sure, but it was not pleasing since it was a resort and such a good place. Second, there were only two feeble toilet inside, which made me questioning, where the hell should we change our wet clothes? Since they made it openly for public, means not all of us staying in the resort, means we need a place to be naked and dried ourselves, right? I really hope they would have separated changing room with clean water to wash ourselves. Well they have it, outside. But how do you expect, i wash my body outside then i run inside the toilet all wet with sandy feet already and changing into my dry clothes? Or at least, make the toilet more, like 2 or 3 more. The day i came here it wasn't crowded like my friends told me when he came here. But we need to queue quite long, well, since there were someone like us who need the toilet longer for changing our clothes. It's a pity for them who really need it for pee only.

Anyway, this place is very good that i don't mind those things much. But i just hoping.

After the sun gone, the sky got darker and they lighted a bonfire. It would be nice to gather around the fire since it was so cold and burn some marshmallow. But we need to move.

Having quick dinner in their bar before we got back, and since we got the 150k coupon.

Hot chocolate
Garlic bread look a like. So good.
Brown Onion Ring
The highlight goes to the onion ring, because it was delicious, lol. The rest were delicious too, but this onion is different from any onion rings. It was thick and crispy, and tasty.

150k well spent.
After we filled in our stomach, we went back. As expected, the stairs were too long and too high it was exhausting. But we made it anyway, and saying goodbye to this delightful experience. Two of my friends went back to their hotel (they were staying at different hotel) and four of us looking for 'real' dinner, since the dinner we had before was just like appetizer, lol.
We wanted to eat seafood but Menega Cafe (the infamous Seafood restaurant by the sea at Jimbaran) were not in return path nor tomorrow plans path, so my friend suggested other seafood restaurant with good taste, just without the beach. It's called Subak. It's located near Kuta, not far from our hotel.

squid satay
Gurami (i forgot what fish it was)
I am not sure it was because we were hungry or it was really delicious, but it was. The price was not expensive, too. We ordered the package one for four people, it was enough to make your stomach full. I think i paid not more than 100k per person.

So it's the end of our second day, we went back to hotel after this, playing cards and sleep! See you in the next post!