Pillow Talk : Consistency

That's clearly super random image i found on tumblr -photo isn't mine, but the bed seems super comfy and i like that LED light thing, makes it look like Christmas forever.

a n y w a y . .

I have always think the reason why i keep blogging. I don't have tons of readers, tbh most of my posts only viewed for under fifty. My posts don't get many comments too. Sometimes i think this blog is not working. I made this blog in 2011, almost 4 years. Indeed i didn't take this blog seriously, i don't post regularly and since most of my days have nothing special, my posts usually uninformative and unconstructive. I am an on-off person, i like building something but hardly maintaining. The first time i have my own blog was 8 years ago. I had deleted two blogs i had previously before this because i don't think it was very useful and most of the posts were emotionally unstable teenagers-like. Guess what happen to my tumblr site; I changed my url name into a new one and delete everything in it. And i'm about to delete my portfolio instagram account since i hardly did an update. That's my bad habit, inconsistent.

Somehow, i'm about to delete this one too, many times. But every time i got into an event, or a trip, or anything interesting, all i can think is i will update this on my blog and took some photos of it. So i guess i still can't move on from blogging. I don't know, maybe because i habitual write anything online. Looking at someone else blog, i always think like, how you maintain your readers? Well i guess it's because they serious and consistent, also come up with good content. So i decided to think, it's okay to have few, just pretend this is your own journal, but still choose the best words to tell people in the world.

Online things sometimes make me crazy. We'll be like, i'm gonna post this, fck it nobody would notice since i only have few viewers, but actually the whole world is watching quietly. That's why i kept reminding myself, behave on your post. Why do i aware of this? Because back then in my previous blog, i post something long about my breakup. It such a very personal thing but i could get any careless to think i was hurt and i would write every little thing i felt at that time. Then this one of my friend, we were not even close and barely talking, he left a comment to comfort me. Well, it was a very nice thing to do. But then i realize, it means this post had gone around to this random people reading all words i wrote carelessly. It's obviously my fault since it's online, bruh, of course there's people reading. That's why today i am more aware to choose words and content.

So! I think i will still keep this blog, even i have nothing useful here, but i have fun with writing since forever. I hope i can learn to maintain and consistent, in every little things i do.

See you in next post!