Last Day in Bali: Seminyak Strolling

My last day in Bali, months ago. Phew, time moves super fast and it's almost 2016 already!! This post has delayed for a long time, lol. Longer the delay, shorter the words, because blogging feeling that i carried all the way from Bali has disappeared, ugh. Even maybe i had forgot some places....
Today we didn't take many photos since we only eating and strolling around Seminyak.

Ice cream for breakfast.
This one is one famous Gelato shop in Bali, Gusto Gelato & Cafe.

They have many variant of gelato.

Cool shade of green, looks so poisonous.

Kemangi! So weird. I don't like kemangi tho.

Chocolate Chili!!!!!!!!
I've heard about spicy chocolate and i always wondering how it taste. That was my first time i tried Chocolate Chili gelato. It's super weird, like you eat a normal sweet chocolate, then the chili will burn your throat. Odd.

I like spicy foods but no for Gelato.

I ordered coffee and a name i can't remember, nor pronounce it. It taste like vanilla, caramel and a little bit of peanut and chocolate.

Gelato Breakfast Club.

Having lunch at Rayjin! Yes, it's a Japanese restaurant, a Teppanyaki specialist.

Swimming pool at backyard. Actually you can't use it, tho.

Salmon Terayaki
Pork Belly Syogayaki
Prawn Mayo
RECOMMENDED! If you have never been here, please drop here!!! It's super worth it, super delicious. Even me and my friends ordered for second round because it's too yummy, we can't handle it. We went there at noon and there was no other customer. But my friend said they will be so crowded at night, so it's better if you book first.

My another favorite activity to do in Bali is strolling in Seminyak. They have a lot of cute stores and cafes, so pleasing to watch.

Revolver Coffee Shop
We had coffee at Revolver. It's a super tiny coffee shop but so many tourists came here. I think we were the only Indonesian. Actually, after this we went buying things for the last time at Beachwalk and around. My friend and me also made a time to go to Kuta beach before we headed home. There was a little hurly-burly when we saw the news on twitter that the airport was closed at noon. I wanted to cross my fingers and hoping because i actually didn't want to go home, but i also ran out of money, lol. So we still went to the airport and unfortunately we able to check in. But the plane was delayed for hours, which was super annoying because we could actually spent some more time somewhere out there rather than stuck in crowded airport. But yeah, we made it.

I hope i can travel more. It's almost holiday season but i still have no idea what to do. Most likely to be a boring new year holiday.....