Would you please look yourself in the mirror first?

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I don’t know what’s good with people shouting for power. I don’t know why people clapping for someone who looks so fake. I just happen to hate it.

I know it’s not a bad thing, i just don’t understand. I, sometimes, fascinated with motivational words i found randomly. I’m just not sure whether because it’s packed nicely in attractive picture or because i can relate my life to it. But i can’t handle more than that.

The people.

I’m afraid of them.

They judge others the most. They think they know others once they talk for the first time. But i never believe that. I would never believe that.

They have theories about personality. But baby, you can’t rate everything with age. You can’t value someone just by how they say ‘A’. You can’t judge people by asking hard question out of the blue. If that so, then you must call yourself the superior and i am surely the most poor people you’ve ever met.

I am an introvert.
I enjoy being alone. And let me tell you it doesn’t mean i’m lonely. I like to hangout and meeting friends, but i prefer to keep my circle small and tight.
I don’t say much, but i heard much. I keep secrets to myself. I don’t talk openly to everyone. I might not able to handle a good personality based on the society; the sunshine smile and quality talks, never out of topics and know how to act to certain sudden event. I am terrible but i am that way.

Based on your theories i know i am the worse. But I didn’t lessen myself. Because i believe i am better than someone who look down to other people. I will never being cocky about anything even i know much. I won’t patron someone until they want me to. Those crazy things you called theories will never work for me.

And please, write down on your list,
There are more people like me.
Someone you can’t decide whether he/she worthy enough for the world or not.

Then you will learn,

That not everyone need stupid theories to live, and not everyone need long words of motivation to keep them alive.

Just a little kindness and chances.
After that, we’ll grow together as a human being.