Anyhow, i want to share what i found in local magazine for December 2015 issue..

I don't know whether you can read it clearly or not, but this article sums up what happening right now. It's written by the talented Evita Nuh, about social media Fame and people who 'trapped' in it.
I somehow feel this article represent my thoughts so well because people who live just like Echosmith's Cool Kids song. Well, i can blame someone who has born with such surroundings, but some people tried too hard to fit in, it's just too noticeable. 
We, including me, sometimes lulled by how exciting popular people's life are. Got a lot of gifts, invited to most party and store launching, gather with notable people, paid promote and so on. But eventually, i don't think being socialite is my thing since i am not good at partying or meeting people, lol. And after i read this article, i was in awe that i wasn't the only one.