Bali for Two, Please

A little bit late and i thought i would not post it. But i post it anyway. Went to Bali with boyfriend on Valentine day, just for a day! It was super tiring indeed. But i did really happy, i wish it's more than a day. Here's a recap if you too lazy to read more, lol.

We took the first flight in the morning, and the first thing to do (after rent a car, obviously) was breakfast!

Nasi ayam Bu Oki
Next destination was Beach!
We wanted to go to new and clean beach. Since both of us had already went to Pandawa, and we didn't have enough time to spend if we chose Finn's Beach Club, so we decided to explore virgin beach named Green Bowl! It looked super promising from above.

The weakness of exploring virgin beach is the deadly stairs. Most of virgin beach are located in Nusa Dua and Uluwatu, which both of them are highland. This is our photos as newbie that we immediately regret for 2 seconds later because by stopping and taking photos, there were more than 7 forest mosquitoes already biting us. Lesson learned: bring Autan (insect repellent lotion) if you gonna go to virgin beach where located on highland -and hope it's work.

So freaking beautiful isn't it? And it was super quite too! We didn't find local visitors except us and the rest were foreigner -only like.. 7 people? Virgin beach is usually famous for their waves, specialize for people who love surfing.

We only spent half a hour there because we were going to other places. I wish i could stay longer because the deadly stairs was killing us. It looked so easy when we went down but we dead after we took the stairs to go back to our car. And if we stopped for a rest, these freaking mosquitoes would gladly biting us. You know how forest mosquito bites, it's super itchy!!
It's like forced cardio.

Pork Knuckle at Eatwell
 Next is Eatwell! Our plan in here was completely for foods, lol.
Since that morning, my boyfriend forbade me to look at his phone. As we sat down here, he didn't look relax. The reason was... he bought me flower! And he waited for Gojek to brought it there, lol.

Blue like my Bali shirt

I love it! Thank you for the surprise boo.

Our next destination is Gardin Bistro & Bar.
If ya questioning why we went to cafe or restaurant again, same. We had no idea what to do beside eating.

We thought we would have valentine dinner in here. But since i am quite tired with semi-fine-dining-foods which usually came in good presentation but in super small portion and no one guarantee it's gonna be delicious because it's instagram-worthy, so we decided to come just for drinks and sightseeing lol.

Turned out the place was already decorated for valentine dinner.

After that, we had enough time to stroll around until we decided where to go next. Keyword is: lounge by the beach.

And we chose KU DE TA!

And we didn't have any photos in here, ha. I was busy taking video that day, because my lovely friend already lent me GoPro, so i don't really have much photos that day..

After we relaxed enough and had a drink (again), we strolled again at Seminyak.

The sky started to turn orange and we decided to go to our planned valentine dinner -by my choice, Rayjin!

I had been here the last time i went to Bali and i still want to go again there. We don't have any food photos in here because there were on our video.

For you who wondered how is GoPro's photo quality like i did before my bestie lent me this, here they are:

Boom, super not high quality lol.
As conclusion, GoPro is a really good camera for videos, but i don't recommend it for taking photos. Even for noon photos, the result is not high quality.

I really really grateful my friend can lent me her GoPro because i couldn't stop thinking that i should record today rather than taking photos and put Lush Life or Sugar for background music (i chose Sugar, tho). If i am qualified traveler i would definitely buy one because it's really handy for your documentation.

And i am truly blessed that day, i could spend a day with boo in paradise on earth. Thank you for this opportunity and thank God it went well. We went to airport straight after dinner and waited for our night flight. I hope we could travel more and exploring something new together.