Life so Far

My daily life so far is so-so and i just don't know what to write here lol. I stop reviewing on foods because i don't drop to these new cafes recently -because i am bored and i feel they are serving same foods, i just go when somebody told me it's good, so everyday i'm off to work from around 9 am until 6 pm, having dinner and go home, or watch movies sometimes. On Saturday night, me and my boyfriend would literally blank to choose where to go lol. On Sunday, usually we go to church, or some foods, or just being lazy ass at home. The only new thing is me and my bf now join boxing class. I had never did such a violent exercise in my whole life, lol. In fact the only sport i am able to do is swimming. But it's fun to do, and since everybody need to exercise regularly, so far i am enjoy it.

Oh and one more. I joined Dika Toolkit's workshop on June 3, and i was so happy to meet one of my favorite Indonesian illustrators. And oh my God, his talent is no kidding.

Even my final drawing looks like a trash beside his 'doodle'. Structure, tho. I'm bad at it. It's a great experience.

On June 10, my brother and his partner opened new cafe, serves soft ice cream and fried snack. It's named Amai. It's not your typical high-end cafe, their desserts are very affordable, yummy and the place is super cute, right? I love those mural (by tiffy)!

Please do follow Amai's instagram for more info and their snacks' photo, since i don't have one, lol. I should recommend their soft ice cream which comes with yummy toppings, but guys, try their fried mozzarella!!

Here's the map. Since Amai hasn't marked in google maps, just follow this direction to Waroeng SS at Sutorejo Prima Utara, right across Widya Kartika University, because Amai is right beside Waroeng SS. 

About bf, we are now 5 years less one month. That's a long time! That's why we have no idea where to go spent Saturday night already.

When you're being petty but bf still loves you, lol. This Snapchat filter gives me life tho. Those contour and highlight!!!!!
Okay, that's all from my so-so daily life, lol. Have a nice day!