Anniversary dinner and technically ENGAGED

In the middle of the hottest feud between Taylor Swift vs. Kim Kardashian, Kat Von D vs. Jeffree Star, and also Melania Trump copied Michelle Obama (damn 2016 is really something), let's just talk about love. It's been 5 years since me and bf have been together. We had passed ups and downs, laughter and sadness, and until this day never have i regret being together with him. And this year anniversary was just getting better than ever, than i could ask for! We had it in Bali!

He had planned a beautiful anniversary dinner at this super amazing place.

Pics were not taken by me. Edited by me.
He brought me to The Edge Hotel Bali, which is super marvelous place because you can see a stretch of sea. I'm quite pissed at myself because i didn't take many photos of the place. It was incredible view and i just passed it with no pic ugh.

When we left the hotel, it was raining and he got worried because he said the place will be outdoor. Gladly, we arrived there without rain, just slightly cloudy but then sunny again.
Bf took a lot photos of me, even directed where to take the pics lol. I'm glad i bought a decent clothes to wear. Previously i only brought casual clothes from Surabaya because i didn't know what to wear but then decided to find another one in Bali. We arrived earlier to anticipate traffic jam, and also to take some photos because when it got dark, it would be hard to have nice pics, lol.
We sat down and had our dinner after the table was ready.
After served with blue skies and endless ocean, we also served with stars while eating dinner. It was really beautiful, i couldn't capture it with my camera. I enjoyed every bit of it and i am glad it didn't rain at all.

While eating, he looked at me, a lot, and after we were done with our dessert, he said some intro (lol, because it was so short and he said "i didn't prepare any speech"). I felt something might happening, but really what i thought about was he would prank me hard, so i was kinda scared and he only said "There will be no clown!". Well i don't afraid of clown, tho.

Then he went behind our chairs to place my camera and start recording. Certainly something would be happening right after but i didn't want to think anything at all because i didn't want to expect anything and turned down by what i think it will happen.


Hun. For real.

Then i said, well yeah, cool,


Well, of course i wasn't that calm, lol. I freaked out. I have to cut the video below because literally i was laughing for few minutes, from being shocked featuring nervous featuring happy, trying to put myself together and said yes with remaining sense. 
I. Am. Now. (not legally in Chinese, but oh well) Engaged.
Oh Lord, thank you for your goodness, Thank you Heavenly Father for the many blessings you have provided in my life. *Amazing Grace plays in background*

Here's the Prologue.
Long before, his parents had planned to visit my parents, to formally asked blessing for their children to go further a.k.a for marriage. They had decided to come after we went back from Bali. This is a Chinese tradition from his parents in order of mutual respect from my parents and also politeness since we have been together for a long time, they must know where this relationship will going to. Or bluntly to propose formally 'full team'. 

So, i told bf that some traditions we adopt aren't fun because i could never have western style marriage proposal like in the movies now, because it wasn't a surprise already. But i understand it's for politeness because we have been together for years and my parents deserve to know where it is going. 
In other hand, i always say it's ridiculous to propose someone when both of you have done planning your marriage. Like, it was late already?! For that matter, did i already know that we will be married eventually even if he didn't propose me personally? Yes, i did. So, what was the proposal do and which part was the surprise?

The proposal do nothing with my answer. I even said to him at that time,"You know i'll say yes!" and he agreed. But what surprised me was that i thought he would choose to not propose at all and just leave it to our parents. Of course it still surprised me since i thought the worst (of not getting proposed like in the movies, lol), but i was wrong. He took the chance. Imagined he planned the venue, chose the ring, thought the super short speech, and being nervous while he hold my hand make me super happy.
Also by this, i finally have a certain answer. The plan of their parents visit was confusing me at first. Is that a proposal, or just casually good manners? Will they talk about marriage, or they only get to know each other and just that? Will us low key getting married or still in consideration? But now i am assured with evidence (i mean, the ring). So at least this progress is still in right order, because technically our parents had not talk about this yet, lol.

It wasn't very romantic conversation because both of us were nervous, lol. But, nevermind.
 Legally in Chinese traditions, he wasn't my fiancĂ© yet, but in heart (and western style), he is now! Wth this is so unreal, lol. This holiday was out of my mind, i was high key super happy and content.
So here's the Epilogue.
Everything went smooth. Both party were and are happy now, also both party agreed to NOT getting married in NEAR FUTURE. Well, at least not in a year. We'll wait and see!

He told me that i must had guessed that he was going to propose. In fact, until i sat beside the dining table, i didn't think any of it. But after that, from appetizer to dessert, he smiled like he was about to do something scary so i was little bit over thinking. Since he hid his present so much (he brought his backpack, i repeat, BACKPACK. IN SUPER FORMAL DINNER, lol. He looked like he's about to catch a Pokemon), i thought he was about to give me an iphone HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA.
I'm not serious tho, just inconsequential guess. But this one is waaaayyyyy much better than iphone. Way much better than anything i could ask. Thank you, thank you very much for this super sweet, unforgettable memories, because i always think western proposal is very sweet but i thought i wouldn't experience it but i was WRONG because my partner is low key Jack-in-the-Box.

Until this day, i still believe God had something for us that He united us together. I am very blessed to have you in my life.
His family met my family, July 17th, 2016. Hope everything goes well.

See you in another post!