Eid Holiday at Bali

First of all, 2016 is really something. I got twice chance to go to Bali with my boy, which is super great because last year i was hoping i could go for a trip with him and Bali is the closest from here. Second, we spent a freaking week in there. A week. Seven days. The last time i went to Bali for a long time was in Junior High School. This was exciting.

Third, i addressing this to Lion Air. Bro, yo airline sucks. We supposed to be in plane at 13.30, but delayed until 14.30. Then they announced again, it will be at 15.00. Passed 15.00, they announced again, it would be at 16.30. Already 16.30 but no calling, they said 17.00. 17.15 we called to get on the plane, and boarding at 17.30. So in conclusion, we delayed for 4 hours.
In the airport, they have displayed this poster of delaying rules. Each hours of delay, the passengers will get complimentary, from snacks, drinks, and 300.000 rupiah when the flight delayed for 4 hours. The thing is, 4 hours only applied when we are in waiting room. Less 15 minutes from 4 hours, they got us in plane, but the plane indeed flied 15-20 minutes after. What a slyboots. They should be bankrupt now to paid all their passengers in almost all flight. Yes, they always get delayed, don't know why. I have been told from a friend that one time the owner of Lion Air was interviewed and asked about the delay routine, he said that it's okay because the passengers, however, need the airlines because somehow Lion Air offers the cheapest rates. So for him, no need to fix anything because they will still get passengers anyhow. Great, good for your stinky airlines. I didn't want to ruin holiday mood so i tried to be as careless as i could. So i am nagging now, after i got home.

  Here's the member of the trip! Minus bf's brother-in-law, who was taking this photo.
It rains sometimes, but not for long. I'm glad that we still got a lot of sun and heat. That's what Bali about.
 Grand Whiz Nusa Dua. Quite pleasing hotel if you prefer hotel with traditional touch rather than minimalist one.
 Nusa Dua Bali Collection. It was my first time went here, lol.
 Cute retro machine in Johnny Rockets, Beachwalk. Geez, i wanna work in here!
 Also this retro cafe, Cosmic Diner at Seminyak. But the foods were no-no.
 Trying this infamous burger, BO$$, at 12 midnight. You can't think of diet when you're on trip.
 Mandatory visit when in Bali. Hogwilds, previously named Naughty Nuri's. They still have my favorite tagline: been Naughty, now Wild. Omg tagline on point.
Sanur Beach, near Makbeng. Yes we had lunch there. It was so crowded with local tourist.
Went to Sunday's Beach Club (previously Finn's Beach Club) again!
Last year, me and my friends went here and we got to do snorkeling. But this time, it was high tide and impossible to do snorkeling or kayaking. So we were just swimming with waves.

Rainbow slightly popped out! It was a little bit raining before, so glad it didn't rain heavily.
 I told him his stomach looked like roti kasur because he got lines but also fats, lol.
I still love this place so much, but i think bf didn't really pleased. Both of us never swam in the beach before so we were just attempting to follow the waves. He wants to try snorkeling more.
Lunch at Livingstone Seminyak with this petite!
Nalu Bowls!
I heard so much about this healthy dessert and i wanted to try since the first time i saw my friend posted a photo of this. Looks so tempting and yummy! And turns out it was really yummy! I can eat this every morning..

There were no local tourist at Nalu, lol. I thought not many local tourist like this dish because we rarely eat something like this. Anyway, i want to tell you that i extremely happy to find this hat. I have been looking a vintage straw hat that looks like Italian gondoliers, and even this one is not too close (i imagine the authentic vintage hat is stiff and the top of the hat is flat, but oh well at least this one is not round and quite stiff).

Random spots in front of my last hotel.

Pics are not taken by me. Edit only.
We had stayed in 4 hotels during this holiday. The first one is Grand Whiz Nusa Dua. If you wish to stay at peaceful Nusa Dua but with affordable price, this hotel could be your option. Their rate is not as high as other hotels in there, yet it located in luxury hotel district in Nusa Dua. In Agoda, it might shown that Grand Whiz has direct access to beach, but it doesn't really have it directly. They have this little alley to access the beach, but you still have to exit the hotel and the small alley is beside Nikki Beach entry. But that doesn't mean bad, because you still can easily go to same beach with Sofitel and other luxurious expensive hotels, lol. Grand Whiz also provides golf car if you don't wish to walk to the beach, and also bicycles. One morning, me and my bf went cycling beside the beach but after 10 minutes it went raining. The room was okay, large enough for two people. Bf's sister got a room with poor lightning, but that's how the hotel looks like when it gets dark. The lightning is poor and there is no elevator. It was like typical old Balinese hotel, but thank God their interior and furniture weren't old.
From Nusa Dua, we wished to stay at Nook Villas in Seminyak. WE WISHED. Long-short story, bf's sister booked a villa from AirBnB, it located beside Nook at Seminyak. The villa looks good, the review looks okay. The day before our check out from Grand Whiz, bf's sis had called the contact person of the villa (let's call her A) just to make sure, A said okay good nothing wrong. The day we checked out, we were already in the car heading to Seminyak, bf's sis called the manager which i thought A gave the number to call when we ready to check in (i think that Villa's AirBnB were handled by property agency, so they have positions such as manager and owner) and the manager said the Villa was already booked for another person, and they had already in the villa. Boom.
We had 2 little kids and bf's sis also pregnant, and this kind of situation was chaos. Instead giving another solution, the manager whined that she already told A and A was not responsible and so on. At this point, we clients don't care what happened in your office, okay. What that thing do to us. So after many calls to that Villa's agency, they offer us another Villa. But the Villa is far from crowded place,  newly built with furniture that still covered with plastic. The place was quite that we afraid if something happened inside, no one could help us. So, we refused. They gave another villa again, half of us went to check while half another (including me) waited at Seminyak Village. They came back and also refused to check in there because the access to the villa is just a small alley, too far from main road. Lastly, we searched for hotel because it was already 4 p.m.
I personally don't blame how AirBnB works because it works really well for a lot of people. I think we just bumped into some random ignorant account that has weird working system. In the end, if you want a certain book and relaxed trip, just book a hotel.

Pics are not taken by me. Edit only.
Fortunately we found Harris Sunset Road.
The hotel was fine, not too big but not small either. The rooms that available were Harris Residence room which has microwave and another sink to wash dishes. Very spacious. The pool was okay and they also have playground for kids. We were very relieved, like finally.

Pics are not taken by me. Edit only.
Then we moved to MaxOne Legian for one day. Its review in tripadvisor were cool but i don't think it's the best hotel you can find. Yes it's a cheap hotel and we shouldn't blame for the quality though. Couldn't lock bathroom's and terrace's door, the sink poured nonstop (so we had to call the room service to fix it), the shower door can't be used (not sure if it's broken or it's actually just a display) and last but not least, it's very noisy in the morning. The terrace we headed inside the hotel, the breakfast lounge was down there. And maybe because it's cheap, most of the visitors were local, and they literally shouted in the room alley like it was their own home. Annoying.

 Pics are not taken by me. Edit only.
The last one was Summerhome Umalas. I was really really glad we stayed at this hotel because i love it! The first time we arrived there, the entrance looks unconvincing. The lobby is actually only front desk. The pool was really small, precisely the hotel was small. More like homestay. They have no elevator and we got room in 3rd floor, that's their highest level. But. Once i got in to the room, i started to love this place so much. They might not have big lobby, big pool or big dining place, but the room was quite big, even the bathroom was big. The furniture was white-navy themed, and very homey. Me love!! It located near Livingstone, inside a housing. It's not in the crowded part of Seminyak, but that's not a big problem for us since we rent a car. 
So that's the recap. Me and bf also celebrate our 5th Anniversary but i decided to dedicate it in one post. So i'll see you in next post!