It's been a while and let me greet you with foods, lol. I have some difficulties with Google picasa, a storage for all my photos in my blog, since it had changed their appearance. I think it's not really user friendly and my upload progress always stopped in last photo while uploading. Well i guess i'll just upload the photos straight without divide them into albums now.

Anyway, i always think my blog appearance doesn't look good enough. I need some time to tidying up and maybe a little layout change. But honestly, i'm battling myself now whether to change the url or not because i kept thinking with these names for a yearrrrrr and i'm dying to change it. Why do i never good with consistency smh

I really want to take blogging seriously but i realize i don't have any subject to write, lol. Really! Why blogger's life seems sooo busy, they travel back and forth, have tons of events, have tons pictures to share, while i am here like.... i'm dying to post but what ?? Lol. Nothing changed much this year and IT'S ALMOST NEW YEAR AGAIN. My head is full of anxiety whether time move too fast or i just as useless as ever lol. But! I'm quite proud of myself for finished two evening gown this past two months. The result WAS NOT as good as i think it would be (so sad) but that's quite a progress since it's been a long time since my sewing class and i have never sew since that. Need more practice and patience!

Speaking of consistency, i have this thing with journal and planner. I used to collect cute notes, which is pretty useless because i was too afraid to write on them since my handwritting is not pretty. This year i convince myself to write a planner or journal or hobonichi, whatever you called it, BUT my problem is consistency. I have THREE planner/journal that NEVER EVER finished. It's even not reach half of the book. And now i'm DYING to start another new planner. WHY. WHY BRAIN, WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME. It's like how i play The Sims, build the house for days, make sims for hours, play for minutes, get bored, bulldoze the house (and the sims) and build another one. wth.

Have you seen Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children? I haven't read the book but geez, i swear i sold my soul for this kind of movies. I love it!
I hope you guy have a great spooky October :)